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The Pinelands Murders  

The Pinelands Murders is a violent and sexy thriller set in the deep woods. Three couples and three friends go on a weekend camping trip, but their idyllic vacation be comes a desperate struggle for survival when a deranged killer begins murdering them one by one! Only three of the nine campers will survive! All the evidence points to one of the husbands as the killer. But thereís more to the murders than meets the eye! The truth is finally revealed in the shocking conclusion "when death takes a hike"! (98 min.)

starring Jenny Taft, Michele Mizeski, Jimmy Levi, Tara Thornton-Rutter, Loren W. Lepre, Melissa Marino, Heather Drew, Natalia Jablokov, Michael Connolly, Ricrado E. Segarra, Janet Searfoss, Julia Luangrath, Titiloa Verissimo, Amy Cooper, and Tiffany Tuck

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We can produce video commercials for your local business at very reasonables rates. We shoot on digital video and the commercial can be transferred to whatever video format you need, be it S-VHS, betacam, etc. E-mail us with your ideas and we can give you a price for producing your own video commercial.

We can videotape your production and produce copies for the cast and family members. We have shot numerous plays in the past and can provide a quality product at a reasonable price.

Hereís your chance to put your family history on video. Look into your past by examining old photographs and interviewing family members. Learn about those who came before you and the legacy of your family.

If youíre an actor or an actress, we can make you an audition reel to be sent to producers for their inspection for future parts. You donít have any footage yet? We can videotape you doing monologues and provide situations in which you can interact with other actors.

Auditions are going to be held for the following productions: FEMALE MERCENARIES: CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE and FIREBRAND. If you can't make the audition, please tape a portion of whichever script you'd like to do and send it to us via DVD or online. E-mail us at if you have any questions.

One of Firebrand costumes
One of our
Firebrand costumes

CLICK HERE to see the rough script for Female Mercenaries: Zombie Apocalypse.
CLICK HERE for clips from previous versions of Female Mercenaries.
CLICK HERE to see the rough script for Firebrand.
CLICK HERE for test clips for Firebrand.

The script is a work in progress, but the basic plot points
and scenes are included along with the characters involved.

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